Getting into the greenery…only a little tho

So I don’t know much about plants. I grew up in a house where eventually we lost the use of the dining room because of the amount of house plants mom had.
My dad had a garden and compost bin out back as well, growing lots of stuff but Swiss chard was the notable plant- he loved it.
So here I am, in my middling years, with enough knowledge to have kept a spider plant alive for a decade or do and a few other indoorsy plants ish.
Bring on the new abode… and the shifting of the universe that emptied out 3 out of 6 units, including the folks who sort of took care of the common areas.
I had already been shovelling the front walk all winter as the “superintendent” never seemed to arise before noon and certainly never picked up the shovel even to do a second round during the day.
We also had brought our own mower from the old place as we did take care of the common areas there.
So here we are again. We’ve taken on the care of the common areas and I’m feeling like progress can happen.
This time, the front already had established flowery beds and the back yard had some basic work done by the previous tenants ( I think I have Kitty to thank for that).
My caveats: I know nothin about plants, except :

  • perennials mean plant once and if they live, you are all set.
  • ….uh, yeah. That’s all I know. Well, and water them if the rain is not doing it’s job.

Today I was able to get the 2nd gift of greenery donated to my cause of maintaining my sanity as well as creating a nice space.
Gailene got me started a couple of weeks ago- those pics are somewhere and the plants seem to be still alive!
Thanks muchly to everyone who has offered and to Gailene and Andrea who have been able to provide the experimental flora for me to explore this ancient art.
Now I have to go clean my nails!

2 thoughts on “Getting into the greenery…only a little tho

  1. Well enjoy-I find gardening very therapeutic. And if those plants don’t pan out, I have more!!

  2. I’m happy to hear that my tiny donation is still alive. I do a quick look once in a while when I’m going by on the bike and am always pleased to note the greenery is still green and standing (not flopped over). And now more greenery is going in. Cheers Andrea!
    One thing I plan to go again this year, and you may like to try, is to put down a generous sprinkling of blood meal over all the soil. You won’t notice the smell but all the critters do and it keeps the diggers and munchers away from your tender plants while providing a 100% natural source of great plant nutrients. It will even keep the stray cats (there are about 10-20 close by that I know of) from using your garden as a litter box.
    Happt ‘greening of the planet’… well, your little corner of it anyway.

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