October = a month of busy!

I just decided to flip my paper calendar ahead to just have easier access to next month’s blocks of time.

So while it is still technically September for a few more days, October is really rearing itself constantly with exciting plans!

Just ’cause I am sure you wanna know what’s so exciting about my life,  { no narcissistic attitude here at all!} here are the big ones in my calendar now :

October 1 – prep for the OSCS, and possibly dancing with Bollywood For Fun at Cine-Musiq.  $10 advance tickets – you should go even if I cannot manage to squeeze this in myself, the rest of the group will rock it!

October 2 Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening – I somehow was named chair of the organizing crew for this amazing afternoon fundraiser event.  The crew is all doing amazing work to get ready/fundraise/promote etc. so it’s really just a title and I get to pretend to be bossy – really, I am only pretending 🙂  If you are a fan of Firefly, ya gotta come – or even just make an advance $12 donation and you’ll get a Bicket afterwards!

October 3-7 : Sewing/ dancing – the usual deadlines loom

October 8,9,10 – Thanksgiving  – still deciding on what we’ll do that weekend – camping? family?hermitage? we’ll see…

Oct. 10-14: Sewing/ Dancing/ the usual deadlines loom

October 15: 10 a.m. to 12 noon: SEWING CLASSES! Level 1 begins! I’ll be teaching the very basics of sewing, including hand and machine work.

SAME DAY: Gyspy [Turkish Rom] workshop with Zafirah of Montreal – I haven’t committed and if you folks all jump on it and it sells out, that’s cool – I have to see how the sewing is doing as I will have deadlines still for the next weekend

October 16: Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar  This is one of my events – so yeah I gotta be there 🙂  Shopping!! socializing!!  Shinies!!

Weekdays – = sewing/dancing.. blah blah blah

October 22: Ottawa Zombie Walk!!! Woot!! I have not yet actually walked in it, but I gleefully head out to watch and video tape! I’ll decide closer to it what the plan will be for this year! But I’ll be out that day one way or another!

Weekdays – again with the sewing… and the dancing…

October 29: 13th Annual  Witches Gathering!!!!Mega Woot!  Again this year, @wtl and I will be judges – so your costumes had better be phenomenal!! And my fave drinks for those who know how this works: Baileys; strongbow; smirnoff ice; rum and coke – I cannot remember what Mavericks has at the bar – but that list should be a good start!

So I was about to start adding pics to make this a more visually interesting post – then realized how much time I’ve already spent writing it – so click through the linky goodies and see the pics on the sites of interest!

And back to sewing and dancing for me!