Charitable events

Charitable Events

Halyma and her Bellywood ladies love to dance!  And while we would just dance for the sake of it as much as we can, we do have expenses. Compensation for our performances help us maintain the highest level of costuming, training and continuous improvement and is appreciated!
If you have a charitable event at which you would like to have Bellywood With Halyma perform, here are a few guidelines that will help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

In advance of the event:

-Book us as far in advance as possible.  Early booking often guarantees that our dancers are available to dance at your event.

RATES and performance options

Check our online brochure to see our standard rates and check your budget.
If you have a set honorarium that you are offering all of the performers at your event, inform us of this at the time of contact.  Knowing your budget allows us to let you know what we can provide (with the understanding that is a charity event), and ensure that our contribution to your event will enhance its success while maintaining your budget.
If your event has little or no budget for performers, contact us with your inquiry as we may still be able to help out – as mentioned we love to dance!

Technical requirements:

-Sound system: are you using a cd or MP3 based system to play music?
If we need to speak, we may need access to a microphone [this is for lessons and shows where we get the audience to come join us]
-Staging: When possible, describe the stage area we will be using – is it a raised stage/ auditorium setting?  Is it an amphitheatre? Is it level with the audience where we can dance amongst the people?  Is it an outdoor or indoor stage? Let us know what you can!
-Outside performances: Our costumes and health are important to us.  Please consider having a covered area/ rain location in mind when planning any outside events.
We do honour our commitments, with the caveat that dancing in the rain can be unsafe for footing and destructive to our costumes, and we may have to reconsider performing in the case of an unsafe situation.
-Changing area/green room: We need a private, secure area to get ready, away from the public.  If a washroom is nearby, and that is public, that’s fine, but we still need somewhere safe to leave our personal items while performing.
Sometimes this is not easily achieved, but if you can offer us something, we’ll work with it!

Show details:

-What time will we be performing? We need to allow for about 30-45 minutes of preparation for ourselves before we go on.  We don’t need to be there hours early and getting in the way of other performers/ set up crew etc.!  If we are part of a 3 hour show, let us know what time in the roster we will be on and we’ll be there with enough time for your comfort and ours!
– How long will we be performing? 
We plan our shows based on your needs, and if we know well in advance if you want 5 minutes or 15 minutes, or whatever length works for your event, that makes it easiest for us to plan our routines and prep our dancer[s].

Food and Drink:

Some events have a meal or snacks provided.  We, in general, do appreciate food when offered, and prefer to be kept off to the side of the general/paying patrons, so that if we need to eat and go get ready we are not disturbing the rest of the event.  Even better, if food is provided in the changing area/ green room, that way we can eat and be completely discrete!
If there is not food, no problem but:
PLEASE PROVIDE WATER in the backstage/changing area for after our performance.
It need not be fancy, but a few bottles or access to cups and a pitcher of water helps us immensely!
So if you would like to see if we are available to perform at your event, please drop us a quick line, including the date  and time of the event and location and any other details you can provide: