Stepping aside a little bit more…

I started teaching belly dance in January 1998.
There was an ice storm. Some folks might remember that.
The roads were slippery, but my classes began a few days after things were starting to recover, so while it was a small private class, it was fun and it happened.
Many classes, class parties, Bazaars and Dancers’ Newsletters later, and I’m ready to step aside.
As with everything, there is a season. There also should be a passion.  And it has been fun.
Bellydance For Fun has been a part of my world for 20 years.

And the passion has burnt down to a gentle ember that, while generating a gentle glow, no longer flames a strong energy that drives me to take self- improvement dance workshops, to push my students, to give huge amounts of time to a community that is deserving of new life and fresh energy to keep it alive.
So, as with all things, my teaching life is beginning to a transition to whatever I feel like doing next.
Bottom line: I’ll be phasing out of teaching community classes after this spring session < perhaps during the spring session, that is being determined and you’ll know as soon as I do.>

10 thoughts on “Stepping aside a little bit more…

  1. It seems to have been coming for a while. You have been a great teacher, organizer and community leader for a long time. I would even say that you have a huge hand in making the Ottawa area belly dance community a great one. You have shown great patience and caring for everyone. I think I can safely say we all appreciate all your hard work and community building efforts. On a personal note… I am happy to say that thanks to you, my life has changed in many positive ways thanks to your influence over the last 18 years.
    I think these next 4 classes at the NCAC will be my last. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. It has been my absolute pleasure to be your student in so many iterations; belly dancing at Hopewell, the Firehall, Routhier and Sandy Hill. Bellywood in some of those same places. Playing with zills, sticks, and veils of various kinds. Candles when real flames were still allowed. Creating shiny happy routines or (slightly) serious ones. Brain cramps on stage. Performing indoors and outdoors, whether the audience was paying attention or not. Dancing in a parade! Dancing as zombies!
    It is an odd feeling when you realize something is no longer a burning passion, and even harder to step away. I know the next stage in your adventure will be wonderful.

  3. 20 Years!!! WOW…I’m looking forward to seeing the next direction your life will take…and maybe travelling alongside from time to time. I’m sure it will be very creative and beautiful…much like yourself!!!

  4. You have been a great community-builder, bringing people together who had a mutual appreciation of dance, and so many are grateful for your contributions. Wherever your future passions take you, your leadership spirit will shine through.

  5. I remember my first dance classes with you, 2006 or so, and you may remember some of them as well … ‘No, Laurie. Turn the other direction.’ 😉 Then there were the dancer bazaars, special dance/meditation days … so many other wonderful memories.
    The other ladies who have commented above have said many of the things I want to say, so I will just add to all of that with … thank you Tracey for your time, dedication, inspiration, infectious enthusiasm, patience, kindness, and leadership.
    Wishing you much, much happiness and peace in your next phase and adventures! <3

  6. You have truly been the beating heart of a vibrant dance community. You gave of yourself, and because of that, your heart beats on in the passion and joy of your students. Thank you for that gift.

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