More Vegan Wontons: Sweet potato and red pepper

Why does the title say: “More Vegan Wontons…”; Click on the photo to go see more recipes I have come up with!

So, I have to post this – these are so good and I came up with them all by myself

I am sure there are lots of creative ideas out there for wontons, but these suited my idea of a great, yummy lunch addition!

The Recipe:

1 sweet potato
1 red pepper
176 grams wonton wrappers [ about 20-25 of the 3.5 inch square]

UPDATED INFO! Apparently, wonton wrappers may not be vegan! Check the package ingredients – if you can read them –  if this is important to you!  Otherwise, go here for a vegan wonton wrapper recipe!

1 – cook the sweet potato and mash.

2-dice the red pepper into 1/4 inch pieces or smaller

3-mash together and add spices to your taste – ginger, soya sauce etc.

4-Divide the filling – about 1 tsp per wrapper – into 20-25 wonton wrappers – the 3.5 inch square ones.

5- fold over and press together and place on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet.

6-Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until golden brown and crispy!

By the way, 1 serving / 5 wontons is only 165 calories! Yum!

First published Jan 7, 2009