Dinner Party Fun!

Pie crust for Butterscotch piepretty pad= menu for supper!My Granny's butterscotch pie recipeButterscotch Meringue pieStuffing in all of its separate partsThe stuffing all mixed and pre-bird!
RETRO appetizer!The appetizer fruit salads are ready to be chilled!Le turkey

1st big meal in years!, a set on Flickr.

I only get to play hostess a few times during the year, and as most of the time it’s potluck with comfy clothes and relaxation is the key!

Every once in a blue moon, I wanna “entertain” – usually when I am not swamped with weddings and on a break between class sessions, so this time of year is good.

We invited Deepali and Ashish to come over for supper as our guests so that we could actually chat and focus on getting to know this lovely couple a bit more! Less than a year ago we connected thanks to Deepali’s interest in dance, and have been gradually finding more and more in common with these two!

I should say that I am sorry I did not take a pic of Deepali as she looked lovely last night – wearing a cute dress in spite of the cold weather – you’ll just have to trust me that she looked great – as did Ashish:-D!

So we had a dinner party – with hipster appetizers, traditional white folk canadian holiday fare and my Grandmother’s Butterscotch pie recipe!

Which is here for those interested in an indulgence in sugar!

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Butterscotch Meringue pie