A moment of gratitude….

A ” your memories” posting on Facebook just popped up, and it references a previous June where I was in the final stages of preparing for that year’s OCCP.
With my present workload in my “day job” at TAV Creations, the new location rocking the appointments, and just a general feeling of “wow, I have a lot on my plate!”, I wanted to send out a quick thanks to Mia and Danya.
Immediately upon talking with me in January/February about the June show, hearing that I was not going to be organizing one, they stepped up to the challenge and are organizing the Shimmy Into Summer Showcase on June 21st.
They offered spaces to many of the dancers who have participated in the past OCCP’s and are themselves in the final stages of prepping for the summer show!
Thank you ladies!
I am very much looking forward to participating in your event in less than 2 weeks! Bollywood For Fun will be there as well as my mixed level Sandy Hill class!

3 thoughts on “A moment of gratitude….

  1. Speaking of gratitude…big squishy hug and thanks to you and WTL for all the hard work, monumental organizational skillz, patience and energy over the years; in giving the dance community an opportunity to shine on stage at OCCPs…you guys rock!

  2. Laura said what I was going to. Glad that so many of the regular OCCP dancers will be there. And HUGE thanks to Mia and Danya for all their hard work to make the transition ‘SEEM’ so seamless and easy. Heather and I are excited to be participating and getting back to the silliness 🙂

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