A night off…

Halyma and Shade

With the holiday weekend behind me, I always feel a bit out of sorts when I have a night off from teaching.  While I enjoyed the weekend, the family visit, the dog rattling around the back of the car in her crate, etc. I still have those patterns in my life that work best when adhered to. So, this morning, I am back online, back to getting my life organized and trying to make sure I am remembering everything I intend to do today. 

We were able to get one final evening in of X-files and futon/couch surfing before another fun week of projects, shows and a selection of other time consumers come in.

This week starts 8 weeks of shows at the Mambo Restaurant in the Byward Market where I will be working with two of my students who are moving up through the ranks as wonderful dancers. We’ll scurry about on Thursday evening during the last few minutes of class to get some make-up on, and the costumes intact before heading on a quick 5-7 minute walk over to Mambo to strut our stuff!


I am looking forward to working with them together; they both have great energy and are very creative as dancers! I’ll keep ya posted as to how things progress!