Algonquin 2013

Bear food from Leiladancer !Are you gonna be taking pics all the time?Dad? you in there?cozy Jalewarm spotComfy sleepy time
This works for meDragon fly liking the purple.Ain't I pretty?SunshineGetting used to the chair
Queen of the mountain!Rock climbingDood….Fabulous for a camping meal!I been digging!My artwork
Warm spotView from the canoeCamping stick!From the comfort station, the view is great too!Whatcha doing dad?Can we go over there?

Algonquin 2013, a set on Flickr.

Holidays/ Vacation/ Sabbatical/ All of it is needed and appreciated. Go look see at some of the fun we had! and if you are really bored, check out for a bit more lyrical conveyance of our weeks off!

Via Flickr:
Another fabulous camping trip – 1st one for the Sprocketmonster!