Dancers’ Newsletter Extra Features – Belly Surfing #2

Guest post!

Salutations from Renee D.

Last week I had mentioned the name Hossam Ramzy who was the friend and fellow performer of Samy El Bably. Hossam is by far the most recognized percussionist of the Middle East and he has written, performed and directed with the some of the world’s best musicians.


Serena and Hossam Ramzy
Serena and Hossam Ramzy



You might ask yourself, where has the illustrious musical master been lurking and if he’s so famous, why haven’t I heard his music? Astonishingly enough, he’s already been on your radio, in your DVD collection, in your CD collection, in your belly dance class or at a dance recital!

There is so much information about Hossam on the internet that it’s almost impossible to find a dead end. Interestingly, the paramount feature on Hossam’s website is dedicated to his wife Serena Ramzy, an outstanding belly dancer. You can watch her perform on Youtube below!

Here are a few websites to start your journey. Just click on the words to check them out!

Hossam’s Website

Hossam Ramzy on

 Audio clip on Youtube – not a video, but the music is great