Fall sessions almost over; a break is in order!

I love teaching. I love the energy coming through the students as we dance, explore and learn new things together. As December approaches and we prepare for our end of season recital { sorry, it’s a semi-private sold out event}, I am reminded why I love belly dance.

Even though there are very specific rhythms and moves accorded to all the varieties of Middle eastern dance/ arabic dance, I call what I do, Belly dancing For Fun, because that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Fun, for adult women who have stress filled days and need an hour – or two – to get out and shake things up in a gentle yet physically enriching way.

Fun, as we play with beautiful pieces of fabric that we direct through the air and laugh as those same gentle piece of fabric go awry and wrap around our heads.

Fun, as most of the ladies I teach are from completely varied backgrounds and get to know something about themselves as they all work together over the weeks of a session to learn and accept what their bodies can do!

And then, when it all seemed to be settling into a too familiar rhythm, I decided to mix thing up and created my own fusion classes that I call, Bellywood.

And the fun got turned up a notch!  Mixing moves from Bollywood, classical indian, and general mayhem with fusion music from south asian artists/ canadian artists and whatever suits my fancy, my ever evolving Bellywood with Halyma gang has been making me smile!

Ameenah, Sadirah, Halyma and Esmerelda

And now as things are winding up for the Fall 2012 session, I am looking forward to the break. during which I will over indulge in relaxation and food.

Starting mid January, though, we are back at it!  You gonna join in the fun?