Getting busy and still having fun!

Bridal season is upon me and my sewing schedule is quickly filling up!  I am most grateful for the new adventures I am on, and yet, I still cannot stop myself from having other forms of fun too!

I was looking at the month of April and realized that I would not be dancing as much as usual due to the scheduling of my Routhier CC classes.  With the 6 week session beginning after the holiday weekend of Earth day/ Easter  { BTW I’ll be at the RA Centre that Sunday for the Eco-Expo!}, I asked some students and the interest was there to have a couple of intensive workshops thus: CLICK HERE

And then there’s Anajli’s show coming up on April 15 and 16.  Anne-Marie was so kind as to offer me her spare ticket for this past Sunday’s Tanusree Shankar show at the Museum of Civilization!  While we  were talking, I mentioned that I have to wait until closer to the 15th to get a ticket for her show. She proposed that she needed a hand and would I be able to help out? Yep, why not, I’ve helped at many shows, organized enough myself and was looking forward to going either way – so yep, I am in!

And then we have Deepali.  Our newest member of Bollywood For Fun is so full of energy and enthusiasm, with such a strong background in a variety of dance forms, we needed to get her out there and sharing her knowledge.  So a few quick chats and her workshop is booked on May 1st. It’s a fun concept – all ages and open to both lads and lassies, so if you wanted to see something amazing and learn some great new moves – sign up quick!