Going to the movies alone

Tonight I wasn’t sure I would be able to take advantage of a last minute movie pass given to me by a client. It was for “Five Year Engagement” and although I did check with a few girlfriends to see if they wanted to come with me, all were busy, or not home.

So I headed out and decided that I would come alone. I texted my hubby to let him know and got the perfunctory, “Aw, that’s sad”. I replied, it’s fine ( and yes, I’ll pay those $.20 per text later!)

And it is fine. I used to go to movies alone all the time when I first moved to Ottawa. No need to worry about where to sit, no need to choose the snacks that are share-able( mmm coffee crisp), and generally, I enjoy my own company.

So I found a back corner, where no one behind will kick my chair, and no one will crawl over me mid movie to go out.

And bonus: the Cupcake Lounge was giving away free mini cupcakes to each person!! One per ticket- I shoulda let then give me two at the door!! But I was honest and only took my ticket from the free double pass.
Note: Maple cupcakes- very nice!

Present were a lot of young couples – in theory already engaged/ newly married. But there is a surprising number of older ( my age of early 40s and older) ladies in pairs and male/female couples. And, of course, the girl gaggles- goes without saying…

Sponsored by KissFM, Y101and CTV, so a squealing microphone begins the show!!

What a fun movie- just enough dark humor and absurd humor to have all bases covered! Deer sliding off the roof of a car… Not for the faint of heart!

And a priceless moment of parcour had us all rolling with laughter!

Enough spoilers- go see it- chicks and dudes will enjoy!

And if you only go to movies with a buddy, try it on your own! And tell me about it !

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  1. I mostly go to movies, plays, concerts etc. alone, and enjoy it. You’re sitting in a darkened room and aren’t allowed to talk anyway!

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