Halyma and Jeannie!

Halyma and Jeannie! by Halyma
Halyma and Jeannie!, a photo by Halyma on Flickr.

So, my gradual easing back into life in Ottawa included a jaunt to Fan Expo in toronto last weekend – and this was the moment of fun for me!

I am a bit of a fan girl in certain areas of pop culture and niche culture – some sci-fi, some fantasy, some nerd comedy, and a smidgen of horror cross-over type stuff { Buffy and Angel type stuff}!

And so this was year three for us, and we had a blast!

I could go on and on, but really – suffice it to say, it’s a blast in spite of being a series of line-ups to queues, but the folks there were fun and enlightening!