Halyma and the BDFF ladies at Mambo!

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Once again we have been called upon to perform our sacred duty of educating the masses on the elegance and beauty of belly dance!

This time, we are part of a series of fashion shows raising money for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. These shows are happening at Mambo, in the Byward Market, and our last show will be next week on December 10th.

After that, the next week we are committed to a fabulous evening of belly dance at the Ottawa Centre Class Party – you can see us and more at that event!

Now back to this latest Mambo event…

We like to arrive early, in order to be ready to go when they need us.  We wait around down in the dressing room, trying to stay out of the way of the models!  Two amazing notes about this show: 

The clothes!

The food afterwards!

Details – > The clothes were on two racks, gorgeous fabrics, amazing designs and such fun!  Three Wild Women [and a second store that i cannot remember, but owned by the same people, so they’ll tell you,] are worth checking out.  I have no idea for pricing, but the stuff is jaw-droppingly beautiful.  I sew for my day job and make nice stuff myself, so yeah, I can voice an opinion!

And the food!  We have an arrangement to eat after we dance when we donate our time and energy to these shows.  The  meals that are being offered as part of the $40 ticket price to attend one of these events are phenomenal!  We don’t like to ask for anything in particular, so we just  sit, and food arrives in whatever way the owner feels works for her.

 OMG – we were brought 4 entrees.  So we asked for little plates so that we could share from each.  Salmon, beef, chicken and an odd combination of yummy dumplings, chicken salad and shrimp.  Everything was amazing – obvious that I am not vegan…  Sorry no pics – but you’ll have to believe me that it was wonderful.  I just kept raving afterwards, and figured I had better just post it and get it out of my system!

So, we had fun, thanks to Shade, Erika and Vashti for joining me!

And maybe I’ll see some of you next week at Mambo for a good cause!

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  1. But you can see what Vashti does – wearing the scarf to give the illusion of hair can work – or just no issue about the hair…