Hanging in there…

This weekend, we had a yard sale, checked out the new apartment we’ll be moving to within the next 2 weeks and generally had a bit of an emotional  roller coaster time.
After 17 years in an “unusually large for the price” apartment, with access to a back yard that almost no one else ever used, it will be strange to start paying “market value rent”, for a place about ¾ the size of our present place, with a much smaller yard area and 5 other, fully occupied units.
It’s still an older building with “character”, it’s in our chosen area to live; due to the other aspects of our lives, it was most logical for us to stick around this area.
And it’s disconcerting, strange, and hard to always keep up the positive viewpoint since we really would not be moving if things were totally in our control.  But we did make the choice to move now, instead of waiting to see how bad it might get here with the new owners doing renovations upstairs.
And we have so many blessings that even with this small change in our lives, I am grateful for the offers of many friends to help us move – STOP ASKING US WHEN- WE’LL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS WE DO! 🙂
Downsizing, living more simply, letting go of excess, all such noble sentiments and I am doing my best to go with the positives of it.  Certainly, I am glad we were able to sell and give away a LOT of stuff yesterday and the few things I kept to sell online are items of value that someone will be willing to pay for – or wedding gifts !!
And there will be a grieving process that I will be going through as well. But I grieve privately, so while I am sure folks believe they are being supportive by making, “Aw, that’s too bad”  type of sentiments, it is not actually helpful.
I know you are all there to support us, if and when we need you.
THANK YOU.  YOU ARE APPRECIATED. But like anyone who has gone camping with me, worked an event with me, or generally been around me, I will ask when I need the help, but otherwise, as I’ve heard many friends say, “Stay  outta the way! It’s safer that way…”
We have a lot of changes still coming in our existence, so if you feel you want to be helpful, keep sending us work to help us pay the bills, “like” my silly Sprocket pictures, and occasionally, when we have time for it, we’ll be out there socializing and enjoying your awesome company.
Ok – personal time done !
Come see me dance Friday, July 25th at Summer Sizzle and if you don’t have a ticket, you can win one from me here!

One thought on “Hanging in there…

  1. No ‘pep talk’ or ‘sympathetic mewing’ coming from me. I’ve learned the hard way that in life ‘shit happens’ and we have to find our own way to get through it. Good Luck with finding your way through it. You are stronger than you think 🙂
    One little pep talk thingy… I strongly feel that this whole moving thing will be a good thing when the dust settles. I’m quite excited for you and your little family 🙂

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