Inspiration for Creative Folk – Where does your Genius Live?

WTL [ my hubby] and I don’t have cable, so we watch a lot of video podcasts online when we stop for our lunch or supper breaks. We are also both self employed and work from our home, so we get to spend some time during our “work days” together.

One online source of amazing entertainment, education, and information is/are Ted Talks. One website with 100s of presentations that can run from 5 minutes to an hour, these talks are video taped at conferences held throughout the world.

Some are not my cup of tea – heavy duty computer geekiness I can only bear for a short while. Sciences also must be made interesting for me to remain conscious. Artists, musicians and writers can either keep me mesmerized for hours or bore me to click to something else.

The variety available is so immense that it is really quite easy to find many of the Ted Talks that I personally find simply inspiring and awesome.

All of this introduction commentary is simple a lead up to the latest one that we watched yesterday and I totally connected with it. While I have not actually read the book with which Elizabeth Gilbert has hit her success mark, Eat, Pray, Love, I found her talk expressed exactly how I also feel about moments of creativity that seem to come from beyond.

Please  enjoy and check out more Ted Talks for your own inspiration!



As I watched her presentation, I knew that I have always [ with brief exceptions when my “ego” gets out of hand] felt that my best works come when I am “in the zone”, “connected”, or “plugged in”.  When I am doing my job, but without forcing it, the ideas can flow with such elegance and beauty that I have always felt the source had to be beyond me.

Moments of glorious awakenings can offer glimpses into something so vast and powerful, that it is too much to try to contain in our little bodies!  I look forward to enjoying these windows into a different world with an expanded perspective!

Blessed be…