Light…tunnel… I can almost see it!

The view almost every day!

Oh my.

This spring/summer sewing season has been another journey in learning for me.

Starting in January 2011 or so, I connected with the lovely ladies at Luxe Bridal as their main Alterations Specialist.  I would pop into the store for set appointments with their brides as the dresses arrived, give them a quote and trundle on home to work on the myriad of Eco-TAV, Belly Dancing For Fun, Bellywood with Halyma, Bollywood For Fun stuff on those todo lists or  even just relax a bit.

And the clients started to roll in – how cool is that!

And I worked my fingers to the point of knowing it was time to take a break when I would start to accidentally poke myself while pinning clothes, clients, etc.  I love sewing – no question there. but geez the heavy season does take it’s toll.

And the brides have all been pretty good – the dresses have on occasion been evil incarnate – or the designers just have no consideration for the end result having to be taken apart again in order to actually fit!

Bah humbug! to nylon thread, tiny machine stitches, and beading lace after it’s sewn onto the dress { this means that when I start to remove lace to access a seam, little beads start dancing all over my studio floor}

Bah humbug to plastic crinolines sewn into the dress and the outside temperature hitting 37 plus a humidex reaching “OMG I am a lobster” degrees. { sorry vegans}.

I also had some amazing moments creating some fabulous dresses – one in particular was a wedding dress that would continue it’s useful life as a performance dress for a local harpist…


Eurika and Halyma - Eurika's new costume by TAV Creations was a joy to make

We also performed a LOT, danced, learned, choreographed, played, and had a blast!









And so…

…the final days of this season’s journey are upon me.  I consider September  like  the New Year – it’s back to school time, back to livable temperatures and time for me to look at all of the fun fall events, projects, classes, clients… AAAAAAA...


Okay, I am a bit better now.

Tonight= final fitting on the lovely bridesmaid dress connected to the beadwork above.  it should go on it’s way by Thrusday – maybe Wednesday.

Tomorrow =I work like a crazy person on a small batch of new products for my favourite Eco-TAV client, Life Without Plastic.  You’ll see those online soon. This will probably be a 2-3 day project.

Two more wedding dresses head off this week, and one lovely silk outfits goes home until September, when I will get it back and finish it off.

Almost there…

view from the Visitor's Centre


@wtl and @halyma
At the beach with our canoe, well Tom's Dad's Canoe...

3 thoughts on “Light…tunnel… I can almost see it!

  1. SO GLAD you reminded me you’re heading off soon. I have SEVERAL emergency alterations that ONLY YOU can make!!!! muahahahhahaa!!!

  2. Holidays would be so much better if we didn’t actually NEED them!!! Enjoy recovering the feeling in your fingers….Hugs to you and Tom as you paddle into the sunset…K

    1. Thanks K! Hope you get a break too after all the hard work last weekend!

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