Morning after vacay day 1…

Camping! That’s what I was smelling!
The hallway was being filled with stuff, my two leggers were being so feisty, and I spent yesterday morning banned to my food room. 
And now I’m snuggled in bed with my polar in a cocoon of warmth!
I was happy to do lots of sniffling yesterday- and there was extended two legger family time.
We stopped at “duck town” where I ran around smelling the local ducks and so wanted to grab the red rooster – but alas. 
Then it was mom of my hoo man visit time, and lots of smells there!  
Then I slept in my jail for a whole long time and awoke to the fun of watching my hoo mans building my room!!
It took them awhile to get my mat down but eventually I got settled.
One final jaunt took us to more family with half size hoomans buy I was stuck on Mom’s Lapp most of that time. And. That was day 1