Morning walk got me thinking…

… It wasn’t a full on hour walk, but it was more than I’ve managed during the cold spell we’ve had.  Yay for -13 celcius!

Anyhoo, I got to thinking, as I always do during my morning walks- or any walks for that matter, about the upcoming Dancers’ Bazaar and  what I have to prepare for it.

One thing with running TAV Creations, which is mainly custom sewing & design, I really like doing what folks need/want/request etc. It means that my work has a purpose. I get to create something that someone has envisioned in their own head but are not in a position to make themselves.

Some beadwork done at the hands of TAV Creations

Or I get to design something for them, using that special piece of fabric they were given, bought on a trip, or  for any other reason, and that fabric has brought them joy and can now be put to practical use and bring them more joy.

This process works with both my bridal work and my costume work.  And even alterations can be fun when it’s with something pretty and sparkly!

I have tried over the past decade+ of  Dancers’ Bazaars to have items that are basic and simple, so that they can complement existing bedleh sets, add that final piece to an outfit, or be the base that the whole ensemble is built upon at a later date. This burgundy one started out that way, and then found it’s owner and we finished it off!

made a few years back, but you get the idea




I have found that pre-making a complete set, including beadwork etc. has worked on occasion, but I often don’t have the time to produce a fully decorated set with all of my regular client work, classes etc.

So what journey will I go one for this coming Bazaar?  I have some ideas – that I will share when I actually start to implement them, with full on photos of the work in progress etc.!

In the meantime, tell me something: What are you looking for in costuming these days?  What’s your belly dance costuming need for the upcoming season of shows that will start in now time?  Leave me a comment below and soon I’ll get a new poll up for you to take too 🙂

Meanwhile – happy dancing!


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  1. Shiny happy things! Isn’t that what every dancer wants?

    Let’s face it. You made seafoam green look great. You’re like Wonder Woman in my world. 🙂

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