On self-employment, revelations, observations

I have been having a fun week.  Fun in the sarcastic, OMG, what else would the universe like to send me. But, intermingled within moments of clarity, FUN!, in the, wow, what a great person! or, what a gorgeous day for a walk! or what, you are giving away muffins on the street corner? [ This happened in front of a little cafe in centretown as the end of the day was fast approaching, so rather than throw out their last dozen pastries, they sent out a guy with a trya, and gave them to passers-by! See, what FUN!]

I choose to take on sewing work based on how “fun” it sounds. Well, most of the time.  I also choose to take on larger jobs that I know will give me a bit of challenge, but I’ll make some cash and get really rolling on that savings plan/emergency fund/ holiday bonus.

I choose dance gigs based on what kind of energy I get from the person booking, what kind of return I’ll get on the investment of time and energy [ they are not all paid, some are promos, some are volunteer/charity, some are paid handsomely].

And then I make work for myself.  I am at the beginning stages of developing a small line of products [ more about this gradually will be revealed as I feel it is the right time to do so!].  I am working on planning two events for this fall/winter, that have both offered up new challenges.  Even though both the Dancers’ Bazaar and the Ottawa Centre Class Party are events that I have organized for years now, and have been at the same locations for 5 years – Bazar, and 2 parties – OCCP, both threw little loops of fun at me this fall.

I know that things change, and we must learn to adapt in order to keep growing as people, but geez!  And if you subscribe to the power of mind over matter, am I creating these realities myself?  Was I bored?  Did I feel it was too easy?  If so, I need to get a grip on my reality and smack it around a bit!  

Fortunately, I do honestly believe that “the Universe always takes care of me” deep within my core being.  But. unfortunately, another of my core beliefs has been that you have to work to achieve things – if it comes too easily, you don’t “deserve” it.  Maybe I am creating my own reality, with it’s bumps and lumps, to keep me thinking that I am working hard enough to overcome these challenges in order to get what I deserve!

Again, if so, some smacking around is due!  Won’t that be FUN ?!?

I am looking forward to these events and whatever they bring to my life, along with the many projects I have in the works – for my own business line, for my clients, for my students.

I am blessed with a fabulous husband, a lot of really great friends – really great friends – and enthusiastic students who always remind me of the joy of learning!  And teachers who come in all shapes and sizes, who remind me of the way I want to be/act/exist, and those who remind me of how I do not want to be/act/exist.

Thanks to you all for the roles you play in this fun life of mine!

And thanks to me, for being the fruity character that i have become, with a lot of help along the way, and here’s hoping the Fun continues for a long time!

Tracey at Patty Boland's - New Year's eve 2007/2008
Tracey at Patty Boland

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