Paddle boarding – a new adventure


I was told I should share this adventure, but I don’t feel I have a lot of info to give but here are some fun photos and a bit of the beginning of this journey…more to come if I can keep myself writing…

I have only had my paddle board since the fall of 2023 – I bought it on sale at the end of the season. I spent the winter months checking out online groups where folks offer advice, and share photos of their adventures on their boards. Some folks are purists and pretty much belittle those who choose to not/ cannot actually  stand, but I have found a good amount of supportive folk who understand that standing on the SUP board is not the best for everyone who gets a board. I’ll just call it a paddle board and skip the reference to standing at all.

I purchased a discount inflatable from Amazon < I know…> called “Oddpaddle”. The company does not have website anymore. But that’s ok. I bought a package deal that included a pump, patch kit, board with a leash, one attached set of d rings and criss crossed bungees at the front and a separating, extendable paddle.

I had to think about how I wanted to carry the board to the nearby park. I decided I did not want to inflate it at the park, so carrying it already inflated and ready to go was important.

I created a rope system that loops around the nose and butt end, avoiding the 3 fins – and with a small piece of foam padding, allows me to carry it like a very large cross body bag. So far, so good for anything up to a 5 minute walk. I wear my life jacket/pfd over and my water shoes, and the paddle locks into the bungees and to the mid-board handle by wrapping the velcro ankle wrap part of the leash there.

I like kneeling and can do so – folks with knee issues might need a low chair. This position resembles how I have sat to paddle in a canoe for years and allows me that familiar feeling as I wander about on the river or small lake. I can shift myself up to a 90 degree at the knee position too, and I’m good with that.

Eventually, there might be standing but I won’t rush it.

So far, I’m comfortable with about 45-50 minutes on the water, and that gives me time to wander around the area and check things out. On the day of the video at the bottom of this post, I was fighting the wind most of the time!

One thing I am enjoying is the chance to take photos from a different direction and seeing the beauty from the water…

Thanks for reading!

Tracey/ TAV

the Rideau river on an overcast day
Photo taken by a neighbour as I was coming back after an hour paddle – Minto bridge in the back ground.
Two bridges and a reflection on the Rideau River – photo by me!
My 90 degree position is pretty comfy! photo by Sandra Milton
helping me dock… photo by Sandra Milton
Click on image to see a quick video of my jaunt around Mew Lake


FULL LENGTH, regular speed video is here: