Post Bazaar…on to the next round of classes!!

Another Ottawa Belly Dance Community event completed – some I organize and some I simply enjoy being able to participate!
I did get the chance to Emcee the new addition to the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar – a last minute decision made at about 11:30 a.m., but I’m always glad to help and amuse!
Loved being able to showcase a mere sampling of my client’s outfits – in the TAV Creations Client Collection segment of the Fashion Show.  Thanks to all of my models who were awesome and also stepped out as last minute models for the other vendors!
I was on stage, so I did not get photos, but i think there’s at least one I’ll be able to snare and add here later!
So, with the Bazaar complete, the next event in my outer  world will be as an Ottawa Browncoat at the upcoming Ottawa Comic Con. Personally my Mom’s bday will be a nice afternoon out of town and a friend’s wedding will take us on a weekend away adventure, so those will fill up weekends in April before ComicCon.
I also have a new session of classes underway – some began last week and some start  this week and some start at the end of the month – all continent on enrolment!
So check out my schedule and if you think any of those catch your eye – come play! Please note, the Wednesday Level 1 class shown in the poster below has already been cancelled.
You can also read my latest article on my new course, “Awaken your Inner Goddess through Dance” in the April issue of Tone Magazine here!