So… there's a link…. Thank you to my friends who have to hear me say that…

Here’s the thing.
I like information. I like finding it without having to ask for it.
I like searching for it and having it pop up on my computer screen, so that even if I have a small question for something I cannot seem to find answered in my digital search, I already am armed with most of what I need to know.
So… do unto others, right?
I set up online sources of information for my students, my dance colleagues that I work with, people who may be interested in hiring me for either dance functions or sewing related projects.  And while I may not get it updated immediately when something new comes into the knowledge base, I do try.
So… once all of this information is set up, I then provide links to it as best I can for anyone who may need that information.
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.42.08 PM
And then I am surrounded by the most amazing human beings who keep bringing me back into this touchy- feely world of “call and response.”
They ask me questions in person …<HUH?!?>, and they tolerate my response of a dramatic head shaking, followed by, “There’s this link…”
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.45.20 PM
And they are still my friends, and they still talk to me, even though I constantly try to get them to join me in my information revolution!
So, thanks, ladies for trying to connect with my human, imperfect, and ever so whack side!
Borrowing Siddiqah's favourite cartoonist

2 thoughts on “So… there's a link…. Thank you to my friends who have to hear me say that…

  1. I have not noticed any “whack” in your human side ;-). Nothing wrong with organizing info and pointing to a link. I think any of your friends can appreciate the multiple hats you are wearing at any given moment; which makes it challenging to keep everything top of mind. Of course we all enjoy talking to you in person too 🙂

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