Sunday mornings and the news…

Good morning,

When I began including a weekly update to the Dancers’ News on my blog many months back, it was due to some major issues with our server and *touch wood*, now that we’ve changed to a different company and I’ve become somewhat used to the new system, things have been flowing along quite well.

Each Sunday morning, I go through the emails I have received, update the main website, gather the new bits and any updates and compose the weekly update news email and then also add the new information to my blog Dancers’ News page.

IN order to break things up a bit, and hopefully be a bit less redundant, I think I’ll shift to posting Friday Updates. I will focus on what’s happening on the weekend coming up, bringing last minute news to those of you who follow via my blog/in turn the trickle through to Facebook.

The Dancers’ News page will be updated so that you can use it for reference, as well as the main online site, and the Sunday newsletter will continue for those who have subscribed to receive it in email.

So, what news today?  Check it online at the various links above and have a great week!

Pretty flowers I chose not to pick but to find a photo of - I see these on my early morning walks these days!