Sunday off = great recharging day.

Sunshine, great company at brunch and dinner with a lovely afternoon of quiet in between means I am almost recharged. Almost…

Today started at about 6:15 a.m. with a plan to walk to Brewer Park from home in order to get my first taste of the macaroons so raved about from Hearty Bakery. Of the 6 I bought, I kept two for WTL and I, giving the remaining selections to Linda B for her B-day today.

Photo stolen directly from the Hearty Bakery website so click on it to go see their awesomeness.

After the 2.5 hour walk/ 12.8 km round trip:Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 7.57.36 PM

Home to Brewer Park along Colonel By: 6.4 km -allegedly 1 hour 19 minutes each way. Happy to walk faster than the average Google pedestrian.

Where was I? oh, yes, after the walk, subsequent short SprocketWalk, and freshening up, we headed off to the Byward Market location of LoneStar for their final day of 2for1 Sunday Brunches. We had even numbers, so everyone got their breakfast at half price and yes, @leiladancer, I agree, the coffee does taste great!

After that, WTL and I popped into Home Hardware to get some new attachments for the beast and her back yard leash. then we parted ways as he headed off to ByMug and I headed home to get the beast ready for a test drive.

We have friends who are awesome about helping keep the beast exercised while I am super busy over the next few weeks . ShiboriBorealis snapped a shot earlier today:

So this gets us to noon.

And then I had one client pick up at 2, so I decided to relax in the back yard until she came and left. During this time, I caught up on the research one of our newest Ottawa Browncoats had been doing to help us prepare for the Panel we are presenting at next weekend’s Ottawa Comicon. She has been super helpful and I wanted to make sure I get started with organizing my thoughts at least.

Then, ya know, client – arrives, gets dress, pays me { YAY} goes away.

Next step: backyard pedicure. You don’t need photos of this. My feet take a beating and show it. so today they’ve been ground down to their freshest baby skin and stripped of old polish and allowed to breathe. ‘Nuff said.

So then I started looking at my fabrics for an upcoming outfit. Crowd Sourced opinions to make sure my choice was not too dark for attending a wedding!

Final consensus via Twitter and Facebook- it should be fine!

After that I needed a nap – you feeling that coming on too as you read all of this?

After 30 minutes of futon/SprocketSnuggletime, I then cleaned up and got into one of my new dresses based on the pattern I used for my Level 3 sewing class:

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 8.19.45 PM

Red floral print – photos in the future maybe – but comfy and flay – just what was needed on this hot May day!

Supper chez Tuckers in the Market for Linda’s Birthday and finally, a few moments outside the restaurant to watch the Engagement Ring Show:

Click here to see a short snippet of video


Now I am home and you can see why I had an amazing day but am not quite recharged. Time to have a quiet episode of Firefly with Wtl before bed to finish things off properly!