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How I am enjoying my summer sabbatical

Some of you may have noticed that I have not completely unplugged during my much anticipated August break.

But please note my views while I occasionally check in to see what’s going on via email/FB/Twitter:

Birds are chirping, I am relaxing and even though my lurking online has not stopped completely, I am very much enjoying that it is on my terms.

For another couple of weeks at least!
Back to work with y’all!

Back to life, classes, sewing and more…

We’ve been back a little while now, and WTL has been going through the pictures from our trip. I think he is on day three of editing, sorting and tilting his head since he won’t waste time rotating the pics while in this preliminary stage.

Boing is not pleased to be back. While she found it cold camping at times, she always had fresh air, shade or sun at her disposable [ 11 straight days of sunshine can spoil a little dog], and her camping chair always had a blanket on it ready to warm her as needed.

She also found the canoe trips were fabulous, even to the point of relaxing au centre behind me on the last trip we did.

We have come home to her being forced inside most of the day, and a new neighbour for her to bark at: a ground hog has taken up residence in a wood pile beside the building. And it runs across the yard just out of her reach, and drives her crazy. Guess we’ll let the landlord know one of these days!

And back to the pictures – yes, we’ll get them up on Flickr soon. Then I’ll post again, and WTL will post as well and you can all click through them merrily!

Twas the Year of the Heron up at Pog this summer – many spottings of two different Herons, and some fabulous pics. We also saw a fair number of dragon flies, a bat, a baby bear, and many, many dogs. Most on leash, and most set up as dog alarms that would go off as soon as anyone walked past their site.

Oh yes, and I have gone through the Eco-Survey responses to date. I will leave it open for more responses until the end of this week and announce the winners on Monday the 8th. If you have not take the time to fill in your own responses, feel free!

Dreaming of August…

Click the photo to see more shots of Algonquin Park

DCP_1623.JPG, originally uploaded by campdancer2000.

For as long as Tom and I have been together, August is our camping month.
The bugs are almost non-existent, the nights are cool enough for sleeping, and the days still have some warmth to enjoy.

Our hammock collection has grown each year, after we hit the top of the line with our tent collection. We bring the Condo { 3 rooms when needed, 2 rooms most of the time}. We loan out the Apartment { 2 rooms when needed}. And we offer space on the site to visiting friends who might come up for a long weekend trip.

When May and June roll around, I am in my high season of work. The dancing is still in full flow, with classes and the Ottawa Centre Class Party that I organize coming up on June 12 ( http://www.tav-creations.com/classparty )

And the prom/bridal/dance recital season is blooming too as the tulips begin to wilt and finish their brief visit to the world.

When I daydream, it is of Algonquin park and whatever date we are set to depart in August. We have been going there for 11 years – this will be year 12. It is always the same, yet always different. Some years we canoe more, some years we walk more. The Ice Cream hike has become infamous amongst our visitors.

And the sunsets, and the hammocks, and the general sense of wholeness it brings to our souls.

I hope everyone has a happy place they can escape to in their minds during times of pressure and/or stress! Feel free to borrow mine if you need it…