The end of a cycle…

Quietly awaiting any potential shoppers during my home studio open house, I decided to read the book from a  “new to me” tarot card set I received from a friend < thanks Lori!> a few months ago.

Trusting my instincts, I felt like grabbing it and settling in with it between folks coming to clear out dance costume items and other stuff that is passing through me on its way to new homes< thus the open house>.

I always like to read the book first, getting a feel for the nature of the deck. Every deck has a distinct story and this one has a similar foundation to a standard tarot, according to the descriptions, with some additional cards added for specific reasons… Click here for some info:

And as I am likely to do, I had Sprocket < perhaps my familiar, perhaps just my crazy companion animal, perhaps a psychic on her own trapped in that furry body…> guide me as to what card I needed to really see today.

Slowly flipping the pages, making eye contact with her, I stopped when she looked away.

This is the card/page that came up:

End of a cycle.

So many meanings, but that part of it  absolutely rings true today.

Having ended my own direct involvement with teaching classes and performing regularly, it is the end of a cycle. And that’s ok.

Having had a fairly quiet day today, when I once could boast hosting a Dancers’ Bazaar that brought out 400 patrons, it is the end of a cycle for me.  And that is ok.

Knowing that by ending one cycle, new adventures will come my way, as I free up time and energy to give to possibilities, that is ok.

But Dance Friends  – rest assured – I’ll still be stalking you online and coming out to see you perform!  And I’ll be happy to make you costumes when you need them!!

And I have cookies…