The BDFF Dancers = post dancing!

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Another great weekend for dancing – with a bit of magic worked the evening before!

4 willing students and myself graced the grassy stage area at Brewer Park to help entertain everyone from old Ottawa South who ventured out into the sunshine to celebrate the Old Ottawa South Community Association’s 30 year anniversary party.

Going on right after the preschoolers was a tough act to follow – and at least some of the little ones kept right on dancing even after we had started our show – it was very funny!

My thanks to Kim, Shade, Vashti, and Phila for joining me for this event! AS students of the recent sessions it was really nice to have them there to show what I teach/they learn in the classes I give through OSCA as well as the Routhier Centre.
And I think I only messed up Melaya Leff a couple of times with the grapevines, but no one noticed 🙂

Thanks again ladies!