The stage awaiting…

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The stage awaiting…, originally uploaded by Halyma.

So, another party, another season, another amazing evening behind us.

Thanks so much to everyone – every show has a different feel, energy, dynamics and of course technical fun, and it was great to have some new groups/ soloists involved, showcasing their styles along with some familiar faces returning!

As the Ottawa Centre Class Party is basically a “student recital”, I really want to draw attention to the generous spirit of the teachers/professionals who come out dance dance for us, sharing their talents and inspiring us with amazing choreographies/ improvised pieces, gorgeous costumes and time and energy. THANK YOU.

The volunteers make the world go round, smoothly jumping in as needed, helping out with a smile and stepping up when I don’t even know what they might be having to do. I really appreciate being able to trust that once things are set up, these folks can take over, and all works itself out! Thanks to Michele R, Erika, Donna, Gailene, Michele F [ who stuck it out outside for the whole show and took your dvd orders all night!] Laura, Sylvie, and Catharine – our Talent Wrangler. Also thanks to Lainie and her assistant Jen for what promise to be lovely photos. THANK YOU.

And Tom, of course. Did you remember to order a dvd if you wanted one?
Email him: – there is still time.

And finally the student performers of all levels -from first timers getting their feet wet in what I hope was a fun, relaxed atmosphere, to seasoned performers who still consider themselves students, but really do shine when they hit the stage. THANK YOU.

Today, I’m relaxing.  Tomorrow, it’s back to work for a few more days till I start my official holidays for Yule.

So, seasons greetings / happy holidays  to you all!


WINNING NUMBERS – thanks for reminding me!!

#79 was the first one drawn at the show last night – won a $25 gift certificate!

#114 is the second number for the  other Eco-TAV gift certificate!

#122 has won a gift from Eco-TAV – check it here !

To collect your prizes, send an email to



please email me if any of this is yours...

6 thoughts on “The stage awaiting…

  1. Hi Tracey,
    I hope you had the chance to sleep in and get some rest after organizing yet another wonderful evening.
    Many thanks to you, your hubby and all your helpful elves. Kudos to all the performers. It was a great show!
    I would like to say to anyone in the belly dance community (old and new) if you have not yet attended one of Tracey’s shows you are missing out on a unique opportunity. You get to see many styles of belly dance, in a variety of shapes and sizes; women proudly and joyfully strutting their stuff. You get motivated and inspired, get new ideas for choreography, costuming, music and staging all in an atmosphere of excitement and fun. You get to meet brand new people, get better acquainted with new friends (especially in the dressing rooms), catch-up with old friends as you revisit past performance moments. As Tracey mentionned, Not bad for $5.
    As always I am looking forward to the next one!
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Joyous New Year!

  2. Yet another triumph! There was a super positive energy floating about last night and everyone was catching it. I had a marvelous time as did everyone I spoke to.
    Can’t wait to see the video 🙂

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