Vacation time for Halyma!

See ya in September…

The nose of the canoe
The nose of the canoe on Whitefish lake in Algonquin Park

So what happens now?

I’m going to be offline for most of August – only occasionally popping on the make sure the universe has not exploded – but really, I’ll be relaxing and not too concerned.

For you:
Check out the Dancers’ News – there are only a few events listed at the moment, but – it’s got info about other teachers, restaurants with performers and more.
My classes start September 15th: I’ll be teaching evenings this September through the City of Ottawa at the Routhier CC and Sandy Hill CC, as well as running my Private Playtime Adventures for more experienced students.  Registration starts for the classes August 12 at 9 p.m. online, and for my private classes – you can contact me and let me know you are interested – we’ll connect in September.
In the meantime – have a lovely August!
And - just showing off: my new Logo for Halyma's Belly Dancing For Fun
Sprocket therapy

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  1. Hope you guys have a fab vacay…woodsy shade, campfire cozy, pink lake sunsets, and the healing energy of the forest….aaah!

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