W00T- we did it again!

It’s always to same – a huge thank you – well deserved appreciation that words are inadequate to express.


Last night’s OCCP { Ottawa Centre Class Party} once again upped the bar for our June show.

“That was the best student show to date”

” WOW”

“I had no idea what to expect and now I want to sign up for classes!”

That was just a few of the tidbits I was told last night.

Gratitude goes out in general to everyone who came and danced, supported, cheered, and participated from afar by sending us all good wishes even if they could not attend.

Gratitude goes out specifically to:

My students and all of the students who have worked so hard, attending practices, dealing with their teachers throwing more and more at them every time, and being troopers even at the veils attacked them, tried to run away, their nerves and jitters tried to throw them off etc.  You all were amazing and even if something felt off, the energy felt right – so kudos!

Teachers: { Please check out the teacher listings here if you are interested in taking classes with any of the following lovely ladies!}

In order of appearance [ solos and students groups ] according to last nights’ program

Halyma { that’s me!},Lois/Loulouh, Zamira, Bahiya, Antonina, Marina, Eurika, Deepali, Niki, Anna and Safiya,Jalilah,Leslie, Zeina, Bollywood For Fun….

Back stage/ Front line helpers:

Linda, Erika, Susi, Lisa-Marie, Catharine C, Katheryne.  These ladies are what makes this show runs so smoothly!


Michele Roy, for the amazing decor!

Tom of Darnermedia.ca for the performers video { if you performed and did not get to order a video, contact him through his website!}

Catharine C , organizer of Summer Sizzle Fundraiser  and TAV Creations co-donating two tickets for the Summer Sizzle show!,

Brad of B.Goods Cookies,

Jake Morrison, of With Flare, our official photographer!

And last but not least: SHIBORI BOREALIS for my beautiful silkies!  her talent and spirit goes into every piece she creates!!

Okay! so I have to get back to my other work as bridal season is upon me in full swing.  But there will be some video clips of me online within the week, and I hope to see some new students signing up for my summer session at Dovercourt of Bellywood

Thanks again everyone!


5 thoughts on “W00T- we did it again!

  1. Dear Tracey!
    Thank you for the great opportunity to dance and enjoy beautiful show from all of us.
    Best Regards.

  2. Last night’s show was certainly very impressive! Great music, and @eurikadance’s performance *actually* gave me goosebumps. @shiboriborealis’ veil plus a tune by Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack, and Erika’s performance was fantastic.

    So many great performances, it probably is the best show to date. I’d encourage more “alternative” music choices – anyone that knows me, knows that, though. 😉

  3. Tracey, it was fantastic!!!!!! Thank you so much to let me dance with my student. For all of us it was great opportunity to dance and see each other. Everybody got big inspiration. Best wishes! Marina.

  4. I have to agree with Tom… probably the best OCCP to date. It seems that the calibre of dance has notched up quite a bit. Even the beginners seemed to have really ‘brought it’. I really enjoyed the wider variety of music and styles.

    PS: the avatar in no way reflects my ‘mood’ ;-D

  5. It was a great show! It’s such an honour as a spectator to see so much joy, enthusiasm and hard work come together on the stage. Call me a big sap, but I swear, I had a few moments of feeling a little verklempt… 🙂

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