What a beautiful Winter day…

Today I was able to enjoy an early lunch with the Friday Office gang and a girlfriend whose schedule now allows her to do more stuff during the day.

It was very interesting listening to her talk about her life and what she’s doing these days – we have haven’t hung out together much in smaller settings for a while, so it was nice to be able to chat.

It reminded me that for my whole life, I have liked rotating through friends – that sounds weird I am sure, but I have always liked to have a diverse selection of folk to spend time with and alternate my social scene when I can.  It makes me appreciate them all more.

And it was nice to listen to the conversations – some silly, some intense and that’s the very nature of FridayOffice that @wtl loves so much.

Honestly, I can only take it in small doses, and today was just right! Another reminder of who I am – I like spending time with girls. I like boys too, but I like them for short periods of time – like today.  And the men I know are amazing men – no worries there – no brutes amongst them! But spending time with boys means I have to get out of my head and open myself up to new conversations.


That’s a good thing, I know, but I am a selfish girl and like to talk about things I am interested in.  I like to talk about things I know about.  And challenging myself comes at a price to my ego – I may be wrong about something and have to change my views – GAH!  Or merely think more than I feel like at that particular moment.. again, GAH!

Again, just a bit more insight into me! Perhaps more than you need to know – but if you know me already – this isn’t that big on the news front!

So, after a lovely lunch, my girlfriend and I walked out into the beautiful sunshine and parted ways a few blocks later.  I continued on home in the sunshine thinking.. What a beautiful day…


Hope you have had a great day too! it’s not over yet!

3 thoughts on “What a beautiful Winter day…

  1. Sounds like a great start to your Birthday weekend. Now I think it is best that I did not get out to Friday Office. It gave you and J. a chance to get caught up on each others lives 🙂

    My wish for you is that you have many more excellent experiences over the next year.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday post indeed! n_n I know exactly what you mean… friends come and go, and if they’re meant to come again, they will. Some friends get to see just one side of us, others get to see the whole spectrum. Hurray for beautiful winter days!

  3. It sounds like you had loads of fun, I hope that your birthday was a fun and happy one. May peace love and joy follow you wherever you go, Ms. Halyma.

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