What a lovely start to my day!

After needing major futon time last night as a cold invaded my system, and having a mediocre night sleep wise, this morning is off to a good start!


Got to the drive clean testing place a bit early( after getting a bit turned around in the back roads of Vanier), and headed off for a short coffeewalk to a nearby bakery.

Recommended by the staff at McConville’s, the Maison Baguettes on Montreal Road was a place I have walked past over the years, and now I know I will pop in again. Simple coffee and muffins that are crispy on top as they are freshly baked, makes me happy. Wifi too.

As I was happily nomnoming away, my cell rang and my car was ready 15 minutes early. Yay! And it passed. Double yay!

And after pulling into my driveway with but of revving- there be snow speed bumps :-), I got out of the car and looked down to see my earring. Lost almost a month ago, it is not an expensive piece, but a lightweight pretty piece that I had worn to dinner chez Deepali and Ashish in December.

It had fallen out before the evening began and waited patiently through multiple trips before creeping back out from under the seat to be spotted.

While I still have a dry cough settling in and a busy day ahead, I think a good start deserves an immediate dose of recognition!

So thanks Universe for the good start to today!!