When conforming to a dress code is the polite thing to do….

The last time I was “encouraged” to opt into a dress code, it was for a Charity Ping Pong tournament where they asked us to wear “tennis whites”. So I wore this:IMG_1186
Surprisingly, I did not win the costume contest, but since I lost to a couple dressed as Cleopatra and Ceasar who had a lot more skin showing than me, it was ok. And yes, I played Pingpong in this outfit and won almost every game, until I got tired of playing and switched to my left hand for the final game and lost by one point.
And today, I’ll be attending a friend’s baby shower and the dress code is once again white. Now, white is lovely. I design, make and alter wedding dresses. So yeah, I know white.
But I am messy, I have a dog, and I know I get white clothing dirty very quickly, so I don’t invest in it.
But what I did invest in last year was a pile of men’s XXL white t-shirts for a summer sewing course I taught to young girls and I had some left over.  SO this  morning, I made this.
IMG_7750They have also suggested that we accessorize with turquoise, purple and brown.  I’ll pull out some purple sneakers, and a turquoise necklace, and hope that I don’t spill anything chocolate on my dress.
Have an awesome day!

3 thoughts on “When conforming to a dress code is the polite thing to do….

  1. Looks like you came up with a better option than I would have. White for me would have been underwear :-).

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