When the body rebels…

This week is the first full week of classes for the new session for me.  Two classes Monday evening, a lovely, cool and sun shiny 12 kilometre walk on Tuesday morning, and two classes Tuesday evening brought pain to my apparently not as in shape as I thought body by Wednesday am.

Once before, about 2 years ago, after sitting in a mini-van for a drive to and from Toronto for a family event, I experienced sciatica.  Caused by many different possible actions, but I am guessing that time it was caused by the extended sitting, it actually took over a month to really go away.

So, here I am again, with the same symptoms wreaking havoc and preventing me from adequately torturing my students last night – but they were all doing really well even if I could only poke and prod at them for certain moves!

I am supposed to be on the couch or in bed, as last night’s sleep did help immensely.  And I am sure that the exercise I did get in class helped too.  I’ll get there very shortly, but I felt like sharing.

Take care of yourselves, get plenty of varied exercise, but don’t push so hard that you hurt yourself!

That’s my advice for today.


Showing me how it is done!
Showing me how it is done!

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  1. And just an update – it is starting to feel better, but I think I will try the chocolate and Strongbow combination again soon if my cranial sacral treatment tomorrow morning does not do the trick!

    Moving, and stretching,and moving to keep it from seizing up!