Winding up 2012 with the season of the cocoon.

This holiday season has been an amazing blend of fabulous friends in intense doses interspersed with quiet downtime with Tom and Sprocket. It’s been exactly what we both have needed and it’s not quite over yet.

My lurvs…

December 31st and while I am still officially on a break, I have found I am already doing my traditional housecleaning of transition. AS I finish up one block of time/segment of life/ session of work, I automatically take some time to tie up loose ends.

Even before we go on our summer holidays, I clean the house as much as I can so that when I am ready to come back and start work again, it’s waiting for me, ready to get started without any major distractions holding me back.

New holiday fun – Henna/Mehndi at both family gatherings – photos from the Leroux fun later!

This Yule/New Year felt like we really needed that down time, and I was so happy to have a few days here and there to ourselves to just be { nap/ watch movies/spontaneously try new things and just relax}.

Breakfast of leftovers! Waffles, berries, bananas and maple syrup are great leftovers!!

This past weekend, we both hosted and visited, so today I already slept in 2 hours, Sprocket has just jumped off the bed now – that’s a 3 hour sleep in. And we are grateful that we have a few invitations to choose from for gathering with our amazing friends tonight, but we may need another quiet night.

So, may your NYE be exactly what you need, may 2013 bring you everything you manifest with your thoughts and deeds, and may you all keep posting your goals and achievements on your blogs, Facebook and twitter with gusto- alongside lots of food pics and nature shots!

Now back to changing my calendar to 2013, paperwork for TAV Creations and enjoying another quiet day out in the Byward market , if I get there!  If not – there’s a futon  and some company waiting for snuggling! And those Thank You notes I still owe oodles of people!

Sprocket's ready to snuggle!
Sprocket’s ready to snuggle!