With a sigh of relief and a nod of gratitude…

As I take a break from putting the few bits and pieces I brought home after yesterday’s Ottawa Dancers Bazaar, I easily know this is the right choice for me. Letting go of organizing this event after 13 years, took me about a year to process, think about, and accept.

Both Tom and I spent time yesterday explaining the various reasons why I am “retiring” from organizing the Bazaars {Retiring letter from Tracey/Halyma}, and reassuring folk that I will indeed be continuing teaching, having my OCCPs as chance for students to perform, making costumes, and sending out weekly updates via email to keep folks informed of the online information in the Dancers’ News I am sent.

I have met some amazing people over the years and am glad to have been a part of the Ottawa tradition of creating a Belly Dance Community. I did not start it. I came into it when I was a beginning dancer by being introduced to it by my teachers, attending workshops organized by OMEDA, the Ottawa/Outaouais Middle Eastern Dance Association, which was run by volunteers and lasted for over 20 years. It has since faded, but many of it’s members are still strong in the Ottawa Community, supporting each other as best they can.

Memorial table for Rosemary ” Zahra Haddad” Corfield

The vendors who have come through the doors of the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar have come from Sudbury, Barrie, Toronto, New York state, Sherbrooke, Montreal and area, and of course, our local designers/teachers/artisans have been well represented. And I thank all of you who have made it a remarkable experience in my life. Challenging at times, but always full of energy and learning.

Folks who have stepped up to volunteer have been amazing. Giving their time and energy to hep in whatever way they can, being part of the bigger picture and creating their own whacky experiences – they all rock. Thanks Dudes.

20121015-130712.jpgThanks Linda – my longest volunteer, and Trisha, one of the newest volunteers! And Melissa in the background on door duty – she won the volunteer prize!!



Eurika may be in the back, but she’s gonna be moving to the front with Farasha!

So, with a sigh of relief and a nod of gratitude, the torch is passed. Eurika and Farasha, the newly crowned, “The Queen of the Bazaars” and “Bazarina” – we get very silly in our community – will be “strategizing” and coming up with their own adventures to bring to Ottawa’s Belly Dance Community. And I’ll be there with my full support – but no longer at 8:30 a.m. 🙂

Post Bazaar Supper – thanks for the memories folks!

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  1. A bitter-sweet time. Thanks for the memories. You’ve earned your ‘retirement’ from organizing the Dancers’ Bazaar by doing a stellar job of it and making it look easy. We know it wasn’t. Looking forward to seeing what these younsters come up with 😉 Iy will be something fabulous I’m sure.

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