2015 is dancing along…

Just taking a moment to look ahead in my little universe…
I’m happy to be teaching 3 evenings/ week this session and have some amazing women in all of my classes!  I appreciate the focus, fun and silliness that comes out as I lead them through new moves and challenge them with variations on old moves!
I’m also enjoying seeing other members of our local community adding events of different flavours to the pot of available activities – Jehane is leading the Ottawa Shimmy Mob and practices will be underway soon, Eurika is running the upcoming Dancers Bazaar and Catharine has another fundraiser coming up at a new location in March.
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And even non bellydance related things are shining –
Winterlude may see me this weekend. We’ll see – today is already fully booked with teaching my sewing class, seeing clients and then COMPANY!!
And new mini adventures have added some enjoyment – I tried the Moscow Tea Room on Sussex a couple of weeks ago and during the day, it’s a very peaceful place to enjoy some company.
Hubby and I also checked out the new Memories location on St. Patrick and it’s also lovely.
And Sprocket continues to entertain – trapped in her comforter for most of January…