A belated and quick thanks…

Classes are over. the summer is here – happy solstice BTW.

It has taken a week for me to recover my energies /focus etc to thank everyone who cam out last Wednesday to my 29th – yes, 29th – class party { officially for the past few years, called the OCCP- Ottawa Centre Class Party}.

It’s always a bit of a roller coaster ride – some years we sell out early, some years I am scrambling to cover the costs by opening it up to the public. The dancers- teachers and students  alike – always bring their best to the show and make it an interesting and diverse mix.

This time around, I was extra grateful to the people who were there helping out and relieved to know that I could wander about a bit, leave pretty much all of the night of details in their hands and be a bit more social.  It’s months of work with the last few weeks for the June show being an especially hectic time as I am also in full bridal swing, so thank you to Erika and Catherine who took care of the Stage management and tag teamed with me for “voice from beyond” action and more.  Thank you Linda and Katheryne who were the main door folk – along with Emilie and Laura and Erika helping out as needed.  Thanks to Brenda and Donna for their jumping in as needed to direct people and just stepping up.

Then there is Michèle Roy. She is there before any of us, hanging fabrics with the help of Dennis at Ottawa U, and spends time before the event planning out the set design to make us all look great.

Decor by Michèle Roy; photo by David Peralty

For the 3rd time in a row, I have forgotten to thank her in my final words – and have to scramble to make sure at least some of the people give her some accolades before they leave – ’cause she deserves much more than  40% of the people thanking her with applause for the decor.  She deserves 110% thanks for always designing something gorgeous to create that very social mood for the show.

Tom. Tom has been videotaping my performances almost from the beginning and has been recording and creating beautiful dvds for the performers for my class parties since they started.  Again, he spends hours assembling the info and creating a beautiful record of the event so that even the beginning performers can see themselves looking great on stage!  For performers who have not yet ordered a DVD but want one – email him via his website: www.darnermedia.ca

David. New to the scene – this great guy has been tossed into the whirlwind of Tom’s world by becoming both our neighbour and a huge help at both mine and Tom’s projects of late!  His first foray into being our official photographer has yielded some amazing results!   My photos will soon be viewable to the public and as other dancers give permission/post them on their own sites, you’ll be able to see what a great photographer he is!  And he’s a nice guy so I am sure you’ll be seeing him around !

While there are better pics of Halyma, this shows a bit of the veil and skirt from Shibori Borealis…

And Dar of Shibori Borealis is one of my very special VIPs at the OCCPs!  her veils inspire us all to challenge ourselves to dance better, show them off and do them justice!  My costume for this show was once again designed with pieces from Shibori Borealis, both the veil and the silk for the skirt.  The rest of my costume was created by assembling pieces of our community.  Other turquoise silk on the bedleh set was from Roxanne, another local costumer. the beaded fringe I purchased from Nikita, another local dancer.  Purple sequins I think came from Leila, the purple beaded appliqué at my hip from Michele Roy, along with the turquoise sequin fabric on the bra and belt.  So much inspiration from so many creative people all manifesting in my newest creation.

So thank you.

I’m gonna shift gears and focus on private lessons and shows fro the summer.  Wedding dress, bridesmaids and other costume work will keep me busy during the days. And a few dance festival performances will keep me humble as I dance with my buddies in Bollywood For Fun.

See ya in September when my classes resume and in October for the next Dancers’ Bazaar!