Why my voicemail message says, “Send me an email…”

Well. ya see…

I, like most people, am super busy. And like many people, find  the time taken to answer a phone call during my work day can really disrupt my personal ability to focus, taking work time away while I am  potentially on a big deadline, dealing directly with a client, etc.

I also, like many people, forget things unless they are written down. So by having an email arrive with all of the details of your, very important to me, question, I can refer to it when I can focus on it and give it my full attention.  I also have lost my prize winning penmanship skills { ask me to show you the book I won in Grade 1} and cannot read my hand writing anymore.

I also may just simply be physically away from the phone and don’t want to panic rush from the facilities to try to catch the phone call.

Where does that leave you, the caller. The person who “likes” to call because for you, it’s faster than typing out an email.  Or you are away from your computer/smartphone etc. and just need a “quick” answer to your question. Well, a bit outta luck.

Sorry Dude.

You get 2 options:

1 – leave me an actual detailed message on my voicemail so that I know why I have to call you back.  That way, I can send you an email answering your important questions as soon as I can take a break from whatever kept me from answering the phone in the first place.

2- Send me an email.

Oh, and if your number comes up “private caller”, I’m call screening. So again – go with option 1 or 2.  Nothing personal, just the way I roll…

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