A few moments of personal time…

There are so many things I think about when I am out walking that I would love to share – then I get home and get busy.  <sigh>

Last Friday morning, I had a great morning walk – the first in weeks that really felt like I was almost back on track with them.  As the days get shorter, I, like many others, am directly affected and wish to spend much more time in bed than I probably should.  So sleeping in until the clocks finally changed was becoming a dangerous norm.  Now that I’ve got sunlight to awaken me again, my morning walks have a chance at resuming at their prescribed early hour, so that I can get the walk in before too much traffic hits the streets and makes it noisy and too unfun!

As I was on my walk last Friday morning, I felt so compelled to share my little journey through the ups and downs, the busy times and making time for me/ hubby/ and how my life gets a bit crazy if I neglect these important aspects.  There was flowery language, deep thoughts and all kinds of impact filled revelations that were going to be expressed. Then I came home and began sewing and just didn’t do it.

Friday evening rolled around and I was able to head out to a great gig and then a post gig visit with friends that was late, but very enjoyable.

That started a weekend of busy moments bookended by enjoyable social time.

Saturday evening took me to City Hall for a lovely event that went very well, until I realized during my finale performance, my static treatment was inadequate, my system of attachment was not functioning properly and I became a broken winged butterfly for the last half of my song.

Will link up to Eurika’s pics here when she uploads them!

I did my best to recover from it, but moments like that can be so disappointing and full of self recrimination – should haves and would haves that really only help in the “hindsight is 20/20” department.  At least I had great company and we continued on to support a friend at another social event that was a lot of fun.

Sunday took us to Montreal. Family visits with the in-laws are always an adventure, and being there to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday was great.  The live fish being cooked and served to us was a new concept for me, and one I really have to think about in the future { filed under: things that make me consider going vegetarian for real}.  The drive back was punctuated by a quick stop off the highway to deliver a client’s bag of goodies that made her life and mine much easier, and it gave me a quick break from the headlights in the rearview.

Then Fortune smiled and provided a parking space directly in front of our favourite Shawarma place on Dalhousie and @wtl was able to pop in to get us some much needed Lebanese food to round out the international fare of the day – we started with good ole Canadian food { Tim Horton’s}! And Scott Pilgrim Versus the World entertained us as we wound down after a fairly busy weekend.

Thus today = taking time off for me.  I needed my hair trimmed- done.  I wanted to simply write a bit of personal journey stuff – doing that now. I also wanted to do some retile therapy – about to head off to do that shortly as I go pick up some shirts for @wtl.

And I am glad to be able to take some time for me – I love my friends and family, but really do need that quiet time to recharge and take a break from it all.  And when I don’t, I suffer for it – which means those around me suffer for it.

So, a few more hours of me time, then off to teach classes tonight – choreographies are pretty much done, but I need to video tape them for the learning process and then we talk costumes.  Tomorrow night = classes and then a gig.  Next weekend = more gigs and a craft sale.  Each weekend has something booked or the potential of something to be booked.

Monday’s will once again be my time off methinks, making Monday a good day.

2 thoughts on “A few moments of personal time…

  1. I often thing that you and I live parallel lives sometimes – though our occupations differ, we both have similar concepts of work time vs. “me” time. Busy as we are, you’re absolutely right – taking time out for oneself is essential for a more successful busy life.

    I’ve recently gotten back into the habit of easing into my day (at the gentle persuasion of Greg). Instead of getting up and heading straight for my email in-basket, I take the time to sit and savour my coffee, do some writing or enjoyable reading. I have started to incorporate exercise into my day in a much bigger way – either yoga, or walking, or my new favourite, XBox Kinect Fitness Evolved. That one small change has given me more energy and more focus in everything I do.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder that in order to keep doing, we must first keep being.

    1. I like that final line – in order to keep doing, we must first keep being – I might have to quote you on that in the future!

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