A moment for the environment…UPDATED

I have some plans in the works for some fun ways to do your part in helping reduce the amount of crap we all put into the garbage/landfill etc.

I was reading some of the blogs I subscribe to myself, and was inspired to do a quick search on glass water bottles here in Canada.  While checking out the sites proffered up by Google, I came across LIfeWithoutPlastic.com – and was pleased to see it is a local business ( Wakefield, Quebec) looking to also help reduce the garbage we produce.

I wanted to take a moment to mention it and then go back to their site – I think I have an order to place!  They take PAYPAL 🙂

UPDATE- July 31, 2008:


2 layers of stainless steel fun!
2 layers of stainless steel fun!

On July 28th, I posted this blogpost and placed my order for this set.  It arrived today!  YAY!

$37.00 total, included shipping and handling, and GST, and fast and friendly service!

Now to figure out what I’ll take for lunch tomorrow!