A month sans auto

As of yesterday, Le Golf has been away from home on retreat, getting exfoliations, contemplating its navel, becoming vegan – who knows what else.

And I have been here missing it. 

Not every moment of every day, I don’t drive that much.  Averaging about 10 000 km in a year, I am really a pedestrian and occasional driver.  But on those occasions, I really miss my car.

The garage has been very good about providing me with one of their two, white with red decals, cars when I need locomotion.  As I will in about an hour.  I can take the bus, but I get motion sick.  And I don’t really enjoy that feeling.

I walked to my Tuesday class two weeks in a row, and this past week, I strained my shoulder. When I am heading off to teach a class, the backpack I carry on my shoulders weighs at least 20 lbs! { I exaggerate, I just went and put it on my scale.  It weighs in at a whopping 10 lbs/5 kgs ish.}  The walk takes me between 50 and 60 minutes.  I don’t mind this at all, I love walking, but I have never been a hiker who wanted to carry their entire village on their back, and that’s what it feels like after about 40 minutes!  I am a wimp – you won’t offend me!

I also bought a new bike this spring, and think I will really enjoy using it.  But the same weight distribution of the backpack issue exists, as I have not yet attached a rack or carrier or basket to my fancy shock absorber infused mode of transportation.

So, in theory, the paint job was done yesterday afternoon, and the car should be returning to the garage today.  All of the delay had to do with an overbooked body shop owner who has been understaffed. Whatever…

So, I’ll cross my fingers and toes, and hope that they did a fabulous job and that my baby will be home soon!  The garage will still have to replace the front windshield and trim, and then I’ll have to pay the bill.

I am looking forward to the reunion with some trepidation though – will it still love me? Has it felt rejected by me that I sent it away for so long?  Will a clear windshield blind me? I won’t hug it… at least i don’t think I will…

And here I was planning to blog about how I have managed to be without the car for a month and it has not been the end of the world.  While this is accurate, it did keep me from attending my Mom’s birthday party in Renfrew – that and freezing rain.  It also helped out one of the dancers I work with to enjoy her new Jeep as we relied on her for transportation for at least three events this past month – thanks Anastasia!

Maybe I just needed some time to appreciate my good fortune in having had a car for the past 8+years.  And we are hoping to extend the life of Le Golf another 5+ with this adventure in renovation!All decked out to go camping