Getting ready to WOW ’em

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Number 2 of the Bay World Gala events, and so far they have each had their own set-up, style and energy!
No stage for this one, we just danced around the cosmetics area – which could have been odd…

But it was great! Thanks to Liz and Andrea who graciously came out to cheer us on and dance with us a bit! It was great having some familiar faces. And I was able to self-promote to some of the women working the counters!
A lovely young couple stopped and watched until I wandered over towards them, and then I scurried off to get them a card after she had inquired if we “do weddings” – you betcha we do!

And the food – sushi, fruit, little desserts, a chat with the Egyptian women who was serving hummus and tabouli… was all good!

I am now looking forward to later today at the Experimental Farm where the Ottawa SuperCities Walk is happening. At about 11 a.m. a wonderful group of dancers and drummers who have volunteered their time to come out and “welcome” the walkers to the Finish line will be joining me! YAAY US!