An evening of Cider, Carbs and Chillin’ with good folk!

The 2nd annual Ottawa Craft Cider Celebration took place at the Experimental Farm and 6 of us headed out to enjoy an aassortment of craft cider, pretzels, shortbread, cheese and donuts!

It was a beautiful evening and very well organized!

I liked that they changed the layout this year – last year, the cider tables were along the outer edge of the gazebo, and the patrons were corralled inside. It made queueing up a bit claustrophobic.

This year, the ladies at Savvy changed the layout and had the tables in the middle and the partons could spill out onto the grassy area if need be, or quickly grab their sample and shuffle off the to the numberous tables set up for us to enjoy a quiet < or raucous> drink and conversations.

The band provided gentle back ground music, and while some of us found the pretzels #StaleAsF@#K, I was happy to have them available to offset the imbibing! and the Donut Rain on my Parade food truck provided a simple concept for flavour coated mini donuts that were enjoyed by all!


Hot Cows in the city
Checking out the Bovine!
drunken squirrel was nibbling on something that cause much falling over and stumbling.
Dar brought a snack to share!
tried for an aerial view…
Check in here!
this one was great!
Rood < Red in another language> was pretty good.
tried all three- pretty good
Disco Lemonade – light and waaaay easy to drink.
Elderflower – ok..
and the band played on.
pretty good
Yum – like candy
mmm okay… but I like bubbles. #flatcider
Selfie 1
Selfie 2
Selfie 3
Shiny with Pinot Noir – was pretty nice!
Enjoying their samples!
this one was great!
Rood < Red in another language> was pretty good.
twas very good
La gang la – thanks to our neighbour table who offered to take our pic for us!
OMG yum – like light caramel…
I’ve lost track now – I think it was ok.
and the textured clouds framed the setting sun as we trundled into an Uber to head home!