And the wheel turns…

Officially car-less…. first time since 1999.
Happy Halloween BTW – or Samhain if you are a little bit Celtic.

Awesome decor at our friends’ place!

In the spring of 2011, we gratefully took in a rescue that was no longer wanted, and gave it a spa week to rejuvenate it and equipped it with some new accessories.
And the Silver Sunfire has served us well.
SS participated in the production of Scream All You Want, journeyed to many a local dance event, has taken us to family events and obviously, on our annual summer trip.
But, as with all things in life, the wheel turns and changes must come.
This week we made a donation.
With much reflection, we decided that SS should be sent on new adventures.  And we checked out a variety of options, and chose to donate to the Kidney foundation.
There are many ways to donate your car, and we encourage folks to check them all out. For us, it was the clearest and simplest and they were helpful on the phone and the pick up was quick and painless.
So, fare well, Silver Sunfire, on your new journey.
Oh, and tonight we try for the first time – so if you want a referral, let me know – there are discounts/ coupons or something…

2 thoughts on “And the wheel turns…

  1. SS T2 has had her final sail off into the sunset on a flat bed trailer 🙁 And so a new chapter in your life begins.
    For longer car rentals, try Enterprise. I’ve rented many cars from them over the years with never a single problem. They always have weekend get away specials that feel like you got a car for next to nothing and a points program that gets you free days. Sign up for Enterprise Plus… it’s free. And they opened a new shop at the corner of KE and St Pat. a couple of years ago.
    I looked up Zipcar… no vehicles outside of downtown. The suburbs just keep getting suckier all the time 🙁
    Hope to see you at the next Clutch!

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