Another dance season winds down….

As I sit amongst a slew of costumes, paperwork, leftover bottles of water, and general mayhem after a night of barely sleeping { don’t have a burger at 10 p.m., just don’t}, I am grateful to read a slew of Facebook comments and emails that have been coming in since last night.

The simplest was:

Thanks, Tracey.

Great show.  It was a lot of fun.

And others include kind words of  support for a job well done { by more than me, but I’ll get to that}, awe at my costume { thanks to Shibori Borealis who created the skirt fabric}, and this snippet:

Just wanted to drop in a word to let you know that your performance yesterday was absolutely spectacular. The precision and the swiftness that you play with those bells (the ones you wore on your hands) is beyond me. And I have to make an additional comment to let you know that the best part I loved about your dance were your expressions and the way you connect with the audiences.

Makes me wanna take up belly dancing 🙂

And yes, a super duper congratulations to you for yet another successful event! D

And to everyone who was confused by the postcards with the dog on them – this is Sprocket and she was the dog on the postcards:

Check her blog at
Check her blog at

So there’s gratitude to be expressed.

Specifically: Erika, Megan, Linda, Laura, Michele, Tom, Katheryne, Emilie, Donna, Annie, Catharine.


My students – you all did your best and I hope had loads of fun!  Hope to see many of you in 2014, if not in my classes, dancing somewhere at least!

The teachers: Safiya and Anna, Antonina, Marina, Siddiqah, Eurika, Zamira, Lois, Jalilah, Suhani, Niki – thank you all for helping make this even happen by encouraging your students to perform and spending the time and energy getting them prepared to show up and show off!

The Sponsors { and the ticket winners – email me if your number is below – I have these prizes as yet unclaimed!}:

Eco-TAV – Claimed by Siddiqah on behalf of her student!

Live2Dance – Claimed by Loulouh for her student!

Kalyani- prize claimed

Leila – Prize claimed

Eurika- Prize claimed

Zamira – Prize claimed

Anna & Safiya – ticket # 225

Jalilah – Prize claimed

And the guests:

Without your support, coming out to see these dancers do their thing, there would be a much smaller event happening with a lot less energy and desire to be the best we can be. We all get into this for ourselves, and only some of us move into performing, but when we do, it’s because we want to see the look on your face when we do our thing.  so thank you for honouring us with your presence and allowing us to glow a little brighter with your positive feedback!

There is a business aspect to these community events that goes beyond having an amazing crew of people who donate their time and energy. While I choose to invest time and money into creating this opportunity for all of my students and those of other teachers to be showcased, sometimes the numbers are very close to the line.  Thanks to some very wonderful people who gave more than their ticket price in financial contributions, this show, though we did not sell out, did cover it’s expenses and allow me to look at donating a little bit to some of my favourite charities.  Thank you- a LOT.  I hope it’s okay that I am not going to single them out, but I know who you are and you know who you are, and my gratitude to you is immense as you helped reduce the burden so much that I can in turn pay it forward.

I have also created an invitation only group where I am hoping folks will share any great photos they took last night with respect for each others wishes on public sharing { it’s not public unless you want it to be}, and you can message me {} if you would like to join.

Thanks again – and remember to SIGN UP FOR THE DANCERS’ NEWS :


Simply send an email to and within a minute you should get an email asking for you to confirm that you want to sign up to the mailing list. Just click reply and then send! Thats it!


Send your text only information to: with “Belly Dance news” in the subject line [or something equally creative!].

And CLASSES start in about a month!

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  1. Thank you Halyma, Tom, and other assorted fabulous minions, for putting on such a fun show, and giving us the opportunity to participate. My newest students really felt welcome and wowed by such a supportive community – a great first experience for them!

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