As the classes wind down…

The holiday season approaches and along with it comes end of year recitals!  A few of my Belly wood ladies were able to come out last Friday to help celebrate the end of the session for my good friend, Siddiqah, of FatCatBellydance

And we had a blast!  Next up with be my own semi private OCCP – the Ottawa Centre Class Party where almost 300 of my closest Ottawa Belly dance and Bollywood friends, teachers, students and colleagues will converge on a local theatre to join me in sharing our love of dance! We are in a limited space so I cannot really open it up to the public – but if you ever want to join a class, you’ll get the chance to come play with us for sure!
Classes resume in January, so if you have a love of colourful costumes, fun music and wanna have some fun moving – even if you don’t think you would ever dance in public – check out the 2012 Class Info here!
Registration has already begun!