Cycles…. Or, How Do I Do It?

I’ve had a few people over the past few months comment to me, “I don’t know how you do everything you do.”

And I point out those things that are different in my life from theirs:

  • I don’t have kids.
  • I don’t go out and work for someone else from 9-5.

And then I started to realize that I also do things in cycles.  I rev up over a long period of time, adding new projects/events/directions in my multifaceted self-employed existence until I reach a peak and then I step back and ease off.

And in the next few months I will again be easing off of a few things. a little bit…

I don’t evaluate my business choices/life choices etc on any kind of regular basis.  I tend to look at things more closely when I see affects across all of the boundaries.  Usually right after a really big event where I want to take a week off but cannot because I have another big event coming up.  Or after a really busy year where many things changed and roller coaster-ed to the point where it began to get a bit much.

This week the re-evaluation of the wonderful creative  circus that is my work/business life has begun.  I can see some consolidation in the future, some shifts in focus and a little bit of letting go and moving on.  I’ll keep you posted of course!

And then all of this will trickle gently over into giving me a little bit more of that personal time I like so much!  Yeah, I strongly maintain a month off in August, but during those 11 months coming up to it , I’ll be happy to take a bit more time to recharge and enjoy the amazing things going on around me that I don’t organize 🙂